Wedge Slotted Tube Filter Elements ( Wslot Filter Elements for short)

Wedge Slotted Tube Filter Element (V-type filter element), is the most sturdy and can be thoroughly cleaned filter material, made of 316L stainless steel. As the filter element, there are two structures: a single wire spiral wound or parallel to a number of metal wire parallel to the cylindrical, Slot between the metal wire as a liquid flow channel, the liquid particles in the solid metal wire interception, the gap between the metal wire is that we nominal filtration fineness.
Wslot wedge wire filter element has a unique V-shaped aperture structure, conducive to reverse cleaning; surface is extremely smooth, very easy to scratch clean, especially for high viscous fluid filtration and separation of materials, the chapter was its excellent performance.
Wslot wedge wire filter element are often used as the core components of back-flushing filters, mechanical self-cleaning filters, basket filters, candle filters and other separation equipment. It has rigid structure, high pressure resistance and super long service life.

Features and Benefits
    ■ Rugged, 100% thoroughly clean
    ■ Rugged, 100% thoroughly clean
    ■ Accurate slot width with deviation less than 5 μm
    ■ Filtration ratings range from15μm to 500 μm
    ■ V Shape slot, rarely clogged, long time stable flowrate 
    ■ 316L screen material , excellent corrosion resistance
    ■ Smooth outside surface, very easy to scrape clean and very low abrasion of the scraping balde
    ■ Suffer the high pressure from both forward and reverse direction
    ■ Heavy duty structure, no slot deformation when pressure drop rising
    ■ Capable of filtration of difficult impurities like oil mud, soft particles, etc
    ■ Special surface harden treatment, greatly increase the service life

Technical Specifications
■ Filtration Fineness (µm): 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300, 500...
    ■ Working pressure (bar): 1~ 40
    ■ Cleaning pressure drop(bar): 0.5 ~ 5    
    ■ Working temperature (℃): –80 ~ 450
    ■ Diameter (mm): 30, 55, 85, 110, 160, 195, 220, 265 ...
    ■ Length (mm): 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1200, 1500 ...
    ■ Material: SS316L

Typical application
    ■ CRAF Series automatic backflushing filters
    ■ AR series self-cleaning filters 
    ■ ERI series self-cleaning filters
    ■ ERO series self-cleaning filters
    ■ Pipeline Filters
    ■ Basket Filters
    ■ Cartridge Filters
    ■ Candle filters


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