PTFE Series Membrane Filter Cartridges

PTFE Series Membrane Filter Cartridges
are designed for general purpose use wherever a hydrophobic membrane filter is required. Manufactured with inherently hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane, these cartridges are designed for use in the filtration of aggressive solvents, and as compressed gas and vent filters.
These cartridges are found in the manufacturing processes of firms in multiple industries that require high quality, cost effective filter technologies. The cartridge surface area, filter core design, pleat configuration, and pleat packing density have been optimized to provide increased cartridge life resulting in lower filtration operating costs.

Features and Benefits
■ Provides broad chemical compatibility
    ■ High surface area design provides excellent flow rates and extended service life while maintaining high particle
        removal efficiency
    ■ Specially designed to ensure cleanliness
    ■ Narrow pore size distribution ensures the ultimate in retention and flow rate
    ■ Thermally welded, eliminating adhesive extractable
    ■ Variety of seal configurations allow retrofit in many filter vessel designs

Technical Specifications
    ■ Filtration Fineness ( μm ): 0.05, 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1.0, 3.0, 5 ...
    ■ Working temperature: < 82℃
    ■ Max. pressure-difference resistance:Forward 3.4Bar & 20℃, Reverse 2.7Bar & 20℃  
    ■ Cartridge length(″): 10, 20, 30, 40
    ■ Filtration Area : 0.65 ㎡ Per 10″length


    ■ Electronic ■ Solvents ■ Process water ■ Etchants ■ Acids
    ■ Photoresists ■ Alkalies ■ Polymer Filtration ■ Rinse Bath ■ Medicine

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