PP Series Membrane Filter Cartridges


PP Series Polypropylene Membrane Filter Cartridges are designed for general purpose use wherever a cost effective, hydrophobic, chemically inert membrane filter is required. Designed to hold the maximum amount of filter media that can be effectively utilized in a cartridge, GPM filters lower the cost of filtration. GPM cartridges are flushed with high purity water to remove potential extraneous manufacturing debris. They are often used in place of PTFE membrane because of the lower cost and low extractables.

Features and Benefits
■ Excellent Chemical compatibility, high flow, low differential pressure, long service life
     ■ Depth pleated membrane, can meet various application areas
     ■ Graded pore density provide high dirt holding capacity
     ■ Common cleaning methods available, or use high-pressure disinfection cabinet and steam sterilization
     ■ 100% polypropylene construction offers broad chemical compatibility
     ■Absolute rating, bubble point test compliance with GMP certification
     ■FDA compliance material

Technical Specifications

        ■ Filtration Fineness(μm):0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 1, 3, 5 ...
        ■ Working temperature: <82℃
        ■ Max. pressure-difference resistance:Forward 3.4Bar & 20℃, Reverse 2.7Bar & 20℃
        ■ Cartridge length(″): 10, 20, 30, 40
        ■ Filtration Area : 0.65 ㎡ Per 10″length


        ■ Etchants,Photoresiets and Developers
        ■ Solvents,Acid,Bases and ink
        ■ Semiconductor
        ■ Pharmaceutics
        ■ Food Beverage