AM Series Magnetic Filter/Strainer


MGF Series Magnetic filter is capable to removing iron ontaminants (e.g rust iron, iron particles,carbide) and other small ferromagnetic impurities.It can effectively improve the product purity on production line, and protect key equipment from destruction resulted in by iron particles. Filter housing is made of stainless steel. the core magnetic rods are made of the latest technology of ultrapowerful NdFeB permanent magnetic rare earth. The magnetic field peak value is higher than 12,000 gauss, so does not require power to operate and is always working. It has no moving parts and does require maintenance.

Features And Adventags

    ■ Magnetic field strength up to 12000G, strong magnetic force, higher than similar products 30%
    ■ Long service life, very low magnetic dissipation rate, 10 years of magnetic attenuation of about 1%
    ■ Filtration process No energy consumption, no filter supplies and moving parts, easy to operate and maintain
    ■ Fluid and a number of magnetic bar full contact to form a strong trap, to strengthen the iron effect
    ■ The top cover adopts the oblique pull bolt or the clamp locking ,the operation is convenient and quick
    ■ Insulation jacket design is provided to maintain good material transport performance

Technical Specifications

    ■ Magnetic Field Peak Value (Gauss):12000
    ■ Housing Material:SS304, SS316L
    ■ DES.PRESS:6bar, 10bar, 16bar
    ■ Inlet&Outlet:DN25 ~ DN150
    ■ Connection: FLG, Thread, Clamp etc
    ■ Operating TEMP: ≤ 90 ℃(STD), high temperature can be customized
    ■ Magnetic Rods Size:Ø25,Ø28,Ø32; length 100-800mm


    ■ Applicable industries: Food and beverage,machining,pharmaceutical,chemical,ceramics,pulp and paper, etc.
    ■ Typical applicable liquid:

※ Grinding, honing & lapping machines ※ Manual & CNC machinery ※ Fine finishing operations
※ Wire & EDM processes ※ Laser cutting operations ※ Industrial part washing
※ Press brake lubricant ※ Transmission ※ Post drill head operations
※ Pre-filtration    ※ Pump protection ※ Saw sharpening
※ Quenching operations ※ Injection moulding cooling & heating systems