HF Series High Flowrate Filter Cartridges

High Flowrate Filter Cartridge
is designed for applications of high filtration rating with high impurity content or applications of high flowrate at high filtration ratings. It has remarkable advantages of high filtration ratings, high flowrate, high dirt holding capacity.
HF series filter cartridges is a new generation of cartridge filtration system filter element, this filter has a large diameter of 6 inches / 152 mm, and there is no central support skeleton, single opening, filter fluid flow from the inside to outside; Increase the effective filtration area, can greatly reduce the number of filter elements and reduce the size of the filter cartridge, in many applications due to the filter area increased multiple times, flow increases, filter long life and investment to reduce human labor costs.

Features and Benefits
■ High flow rates mean fewer filters are used, reducing labor and operating costs
     ■ High flow means a smaller size filter housing, reducing costs, saving floor space
     ■ Filter replacement is quicker, easier and safer
     ■ hot melt adhesive polypropylene material to prevent the release and unloading of particles, unlike ordinary
          wire wound filter
     ■ Folding surface design enables high flow filter pressure drop lower than other filters, longer life
     ■ Built-in O-ring, better sealing
     ■ Inlet below the filter set connection, you can prevent the impact of the media
     ■ The surface of the fixed pin for quick and accurate positioning

Technical Specifications

     ■ Filtration Fineness (µm): 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 40, 70, 100...
     ■ Dimensions
          OD:152 mm           ID:89 mm
          Length :20"(508mm), 40"(1016mm), 60"(1524 mm)
     ■ Surface area :2.8m(20"), 5.6m(40"), 8.4m(60")
     ■ Material of Constructions
        Filter media: Polypropylene
        Support/Drainage: Polypropylene
        End Cap Material: Glass Fiber reinforced PP
        Seal Material :EPDM, FEP encapsulated Viton,NBR
     ■ Operating conditions
        Maximum Operating Temperature: 80°C
        Maximum Differential Pressure: 3.4Bar, 80°C
        Recommended Change out Differential Pressure:2.4Bar at 20°C
        Suggested Maximum flow rate: 39.5m3/h(20"), 78m3/h(40"), 114m3/h(60")


    ■ Acids and bases ■ Carbon beds ■ Deep wells ■ Completion fluids ■ Amines
    ■ Desalination ■ EDM Fluids ■ Glycol ■ Groundwater clean-up ■ Laundry water
    ■ Machine coolants ■ Makeup water ■ Organic solvents ■ Plating solutions ■ RO membranes
    ■ Storm Water ■ UF membranes ■ Wastewater ■ Waterflood ■ Workover fluids