Filter Elements

Wedge Slotted Tubes Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges Stainless Steel Filter Baskets
Wedge Slotted Tubes are resistant to extreme pressure and temperature variances as well as corrosion due to their inherent high mechanical stability,They are an excellent alternative to the traditional perforated plate and woven
wire filter products..
Metal Filter Cartridges have been designed to tackle the toughest of filtering applications,Commonly used for very high temperature applications such as high pressure steam and some high temperature chemicals.They are usually cylindrical or with pleated... Filter baskets are the core filter element of basket filtration.they are divided
into two basic basket styles from which to choose:metal wedge slotted baskets or metal wire sintered perforated
mesh,both of them are cleanble and
High Flowrate Filter Cartridges High Flowrate Filter Bags International Standard Filter Bags
High Flowrate Filter Cartridge is designed for applications of high filtration rating with high impurity content or applications of high flowrate at high filtration ratings. It has remarkable advantages of high filtration ratings, high flowrate, high dirt holding capacity ... High Flowrate Bag Filter Cartridge des-ign for replace normal filter bags,The ple-ated media increases the effective filtr-ation area with the ease operation of bag filter systems.It can fit most Size 1 and Size 2 bags with no hardware changes... Filter Bags has advantages of economical filter media consumption,low filtering pressure drop and convenient oper-ation.Filter bags is the core filter element of bag filtration system.It determines filtration performance and final product quality directly...
PP Membrane Filter Cartridges PES Membrane Filter Cartridges PTFE Membrane Filter Cartridges
Polypropylene membrane is hydrophobic and the filters made using polypropylene membrane are compatible with a variety of chemicals and ideal for filtering non-aqueous chemicals and some solvents. . Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane is hydrophilic, allowing fast wetting and high flows. This versatile membrane is used in a wide variety of industries for an equally wide variety of applications Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a highly hydrophobic fluoropolymer. Filter membranes made using this material are ideal for filtering non-aqueous chemicals and solvents, purifying process air and gases, and protecting tank contents via tank vent filtration....
Ny6 Membrane Filter Cartridges String Wounded Filter Cartridges Meltblown Filter Cartridges
Nylon 6,6 membrane is a proven performer in many applications. The broad chemical compatibility of nylon makes it ideal for filtering high purity chemicals and some solvents. String Wound Filter Cartridges has various media available to suit different applications.Removal rating avaliable from1 to 100 microns. The cartridge length is from 10 to 40 Meltblown filter cartridges in Polypropylene with broad chemical compatibility with retention ratings from 1 to 150 µm @ 95% efficiency.