GF Series International Standard Filter bags

Filter bags
is the core filter element of bag filtration system. It determines filtration performance and final product quality directly.The filter bag is composed of a ring mouth and a bag pocket,Polypropylene rings or stainless steel rings are placed at the neckline of the support basket, and the bag pocket is attached to the inner wall side of the support basket.
impurity particles are caught in the bag pocket to intercept the internal.
Our international general filter bags are divided into conventional filter bags and high-efficiency filter bags. They can be installed on any international standard filter, such as Eaton, FSI, Rosedale, etc.
General Conventional Filter Bag
     ■ PP Polypropylene Filter Bags: pure polypropylene deep filter media, endure acid and alkali, the maximum temperature of 95 ℃, the recommended temperature is below 90 ℃, the polypropylene fiber filament, nominal filtration fineness: 0.5 ~ 300μm
    ■ PE Polyester Filter Bags:Polyester deep filter media, endure alkali and solvent, he maximum temperature of 150 ℃, nominal filtration fineness: 1 ~ 300μm
    ■ NO Nylon Filter Bags : Made of nylon monofilament weaving, the surface filtration media,endure acid and solvent, the maximum temperature of 160 ℃, nominal filtration fineness: 25 ~ 300μm,
High Efficiency Filter Bags
High Efficiency Filter Bags are available rated at 1-25 micron, and perform to efficiencies >95%.The filter bag consists of up to 4 layers of melt blown polypropylene media, including an outer cover to prevent fibre migration into the filtrate as well as providing added support to the filtration media. The high density of small diameter fibres compared to that of a standard needlefelt enhances particle retention, leading to superior, highly efficient filtration.

Technical data

    Model     Filter Area     Volume         Diameter         Length     General     High Efficienc
      2 #       0.50m2       17       7″  178mm       32″  810mm           ●           ●
      1 #       0.25m2       8       7″  178mm       17″  420mm           ●           ●
      4#       0.10m2       2.5       4″  102mm       14″  355mm           ●  
■ Initial pressure drop: ≤0.1bar / 1.5psi                                                                                                           
■ Ideal pressure drop: 1.5bar / 22psi                                                                                                             
■ Maximum pressure drop: 2.4bar / 35psi                                                                                                             
■ The bag in the initial pressure drop filtering precision, liquid viscosity, flow rate, the design should be based on the actual
     condition to calculate selection  

Technical Specifications

PP/PE filter bags
Depth Filtration Filtration layer consists of crossing fine fibers by kind of froming rules, is good at removing small solid particles and some soft impurites. It observably clarifies the liquid and is a kind of disposable filtration media. The depth space has stronger dirty holding capacity. It applies to liquid filtration of normal and low viscosity at high filtration ratings.
NO filter bags
Mesh Surface Filtration Filter layer consists of smooth rigid mesh weaved by monofilament and the surface mesh is usually square hole type. It is good to remove larger solid particles. Particle larger than mesh size will be blocked and particles smaller than mesh size pass easily. The mesh surface filtration has the screening function at set. The filter cake on the mesh surface is easy to strip and clean and the mesh filter media can be reused for several times after cleaning.

Compatibility and Temperature Limits for Standard Bag Materials
         Media Organic Solvents Animal&Petro Oils Micro Organisms      Alkalies  Organic Acids Oxidizing Agents Mineral Acids
           PP          Excellent         Excellent         Excellent         Excellent         Excellent         Good         Good
           PE          Excellent         Excellent         Excellent         Good         Good         Good         Good
           NO          Excellent         Excellent         Excellent         Good         Fair         Poor         Poor
Particle Removal Efficiency Chart                                                                                                                                           
          1.0 μm         3.0 μm         5.0 μm         10 μm         25 μm
         Eff @ 98%         2.0         2.5         5.0         18         28.0
         Eff @ 95%         1.0         2.0         3.5         9.5         25.0
         Eff @ 90%         0.9         1.5         2.0         7.0         18.0
         Eff @ 75%         <0.9         <1.0         1.0         5.0         10.0



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