ERO Series Automatic Metal Edge Filters



ERO Series Automatic Metal Edge Filters have been designed to filter the most viscous fluids or pastes, removing the impurities particles on the filter element outside by mechanical scraping, it's continuously filters on-line.This compact inline filter systems can be designed for semi or fully automatic cleaning, it can avoids extruding and breaking the impurities and is capable of the filtration for liquids of viscosity up to 800000cps.High-strength wedge slotted filter elements are used for a long time and provide a filtration rating of 50-800 microns.

Working Principle

ERO Series Metal Edge Filter mainly by the housing, filter element, scraper, gear motor , sewage valve, control box and differential pressure indicator composition.
The liquid enters the filter from the inlet, flows through the filter element from outside to inside. The filter element bottom is connected to the outlet, through which the liquid flows out. After the filter element captures the impurities, the cleaning action is trigger by the preset time or differential pressure value. The gear motor drives the scraping blades to rotate and remove the impurities on the filter element outside surface. The impurities moves off along the blades and falls down to the filter bottom. The rotating plates push the gravity impurities into the collection chamber. The impurities are collected at the filter bottom and in the collection chamber. The discharging valve open per the preset time and discharging the waste liquid with high impurity concentration through the drain outlet.

Features And Adventags
■ Cleaning is possible without interrupting filtration
     ■ Filtration process always maintain a low pressure drop and stability throughput
     ■ No disposable filter media comsuption, save filter media cost and environment cost             
     ■ Sturdy filter element made of triangular stainless steel wire on a rugged core lement
     ■ The filtering surface of the filter element is extremely smooth, easy to scrap
     ■ Stainless steel scraping blade, good impurity removing performance
     ■ Close filtration, no dangerout liquid leakage, good for safe production
     ■ Discharge waste liquid with high impurity concentration, avoid valuable liquid loss
     ■ Various modular combination and automation modes available, meet different filtration needs

Technical Specifications

       ■ Filter Rate: 4.5m3/h~300m3/h   ■ Filter Fineness:Wslot 50-800μm,Perforated Metal Mesh≥800μm
       ■ Viscosity (cp):≤800000CPS ■ DES.PRES:1.0MPa(STD),1.6MPa
       ■ Cleaning Differential Pressure:0.2bar~4bar ■ DES.TEMP:≤260℃
       ■ Filter element Material:SS304 / SS316L ■ Filter Housing Material:SUS304/SUS316L
       ■ CONT:FLG ■ Drain Valve:automatic or manual ballvalve
       ■ Cleaning Start Mode: DETAL P,Time,Manual ■ Discharge:automatic or manual
       ■ Supply Facility Requirement: 380V&50Hz  

Model Technical Parameters

        Model                                        Dimensions   mm   Inlet / Outlet
    Filter Area
      A       B       C       D       E
      ERO50       1135       935       820       125       55         40         1100
      ERO85       1190       975       865       125       55         50         1880
      ERO110       1345       1090       915       130       95         65         2400
      ERO180       1380       1260       960       130       105         80         3960
      ERO265       1780       1490       1165       145       150         125         5830
      ERO350       2370       2085       1690       150       215         200         7690

■ Pharmaceutical and Biotech
         Penicillin fermentation liquid, erythromycin fermentation liquid, vitamin, amino acid, glutamic acid,
         citric acid, enzyme preparation, etc.
     ■ Food and Beverage
         Chewing gum base, chocolate, sauces, corn syrup, juices, candy, cooking oil, shortening etc
     ■ Pulp and Paper
         Coating starch, calcium carbonate, bentonite, paint, pigment, white water, process water and chemicals
     ■ Petroleum and Chemical
         Paint, ink, paint, resin, latex, adhesive, latex, viscose fiber, polyether polyol, polymer, catalyst
     ■ Others
         Metal processing cutting fluid, emulsion, automotive coating pretreatment, electrophoresis paint,
         parts cleaning liquid, printing and dyeing wastewater, water treatment industry, etc.

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