CMF Series Automatic Cyclone Magnetic Filter/Separators


CFM series Cyclone Magnetic Filter/Separator is an advanced gas or liquid general-purpose automatic magnetic filter separation equipment,CMF magnetic filter/separator can not only remove the gas or liquid magnetic particles, and can simultaneously non-magnetic solid particles centrifuged Separation, 24/7 continuous production operation, online automatic removal of magnetized particles, timing or timely automatic discharge of solid particles.         

Working Principle

The fluid (gas / liquid) entrained with the solid particles enters the separator along the tangent from the inlet, and the fluid rotates in the cavity to form vortices and produce centrifugal forces.The magnetic particles in the vortex flow optimize the attractiveness of the particles and fix them on the permanent magnets because the magnetic force approaches the multiple flows around the magnets.
Together with the liquid flow,the non-magnetic solid particles cause the centrifugal force to move around and move down along the inner wall of the separator to the discharge port area due to the dead weight. When the magnetized particles are saturated, the transmission part moves the permanent magnet away from the separation chamber, The discharge valve opens and the magnetized and non-magnetized particles of the collection area are instantaneously discharged, and after the discharge is completed, the transmission device moves the permanent magnet into the separation chamber.

Features And Adventags

    ■ Strong magnetic capture combined with centrifugal separation, magnetic and non-magnetic solid particles
       simultaneously removed
    ■ Fluid vortex flow, extending the magnetic particles and magnetic contact time, particle capture rate is gre-
       atly improved
    ■ Suitable for the removal of magnetic or non-magnetic solid particles in gases or liquids
    ■ Fine to 1μm solid particles super capture capability
    ■ Strong permanent magnet capture combined with centrifugal separation, no power energy consumption and
       very low magnetic elimination rate
    ■ 24/7 continuous production, online automatic separation, discharge of solid particles
    ■ PLC control system, sound and light alarm and other automated production options

Technical Specifications

Model CMF200 CMF500 CMF700
Flow Rate [m³/h] 40-55 130-190 230-340
Inlet /Outlet DN80  DN150  DN200
Discharge DN32  DN65  DN100
Volume [L] 40 190 320
Weight [Kg] 200 800 1050
Design Pressure [MPa] 0.6,1.0(standard),1.6
Design Temp [℃] 80,High temperature customization
Magnetic Density [Gs] 6000,12000
Filtration Capability [μm] ≥1
Housing Material SS304,SS316
Connection Type FL(HG20592-2009,HG20615-2009)
Others Customer Specified


Application of petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, natural gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, steel, water treatment, automobile manufacturing and other industries.
Ⅰ. Product purification, reuse and other production processes
Ⅱ. Pumps, valves, precision meters, equipment and other protection
Ⅲ. Safe production, such as metal particles caused by explosion collision