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Nantong Xing Wei Hui Da Filtration Process Technology Co ., Ltd. is the China leading comprehensive manufacturing company for the industrial filtration industry,we are deals with the development, design, calculation and production of
filters and filter systems for hydrous, viscous, super-viscous and pasty media.a large number of application cases and engineers experience, allowing you to quickly achieve process optimization.

We offer automatic and static filters, including CRAF and ABF sereis automatic back flush filters,AR and ER series mechanically cleaned filters,basket filters, candle filters, bag filters, magnetic filters, anti-corrosive Filters,etc. standard
and custom products guarantee our customers the OEM inperformance and economy.
Our specialty is the self-cleaning filtration technologies and process filtration technologies. We serve the industries such
as petro-chemical,fine chemical, water treatment, auto industry, food and beverage, metal working,etc.. Our various self
-cleaning filtration technologies apply to the raw waters circulating cooling waters, oils, chemicals and polymers.

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