SS Series Stainless Steel Filter Baskets

The basket is the core component of the basket filter and the pipe filter, which determines the performance of the filter. We offer two structural types of filter baskets: wedge slotted tube basket and mesh lined perforated basket,Its diameter and length are not limited and can be installed in marked or non-standard basket filters, pipe filters, bag filter containers.
Wedge slotted tube basket of institutions and characteristics of advantages, please refer to wedge slotted tube instructions.
Our mesh lined perforated basket is a combination of a protective layer, a filter layer, a baffle, and a reinforcing layer. It is combined with advanced vacuum and high-temperature fusing technology for outstanding durability, washability and filtration. The structure of the filter basket is that the filter layer and the perforated layer are simply overlapped, spot welded, easily broken, and the pore diameter is confused after reverse cleaning, etc. The filter basket made of vacuum composite filter material is durable and the maintenance rate of the basket is close to Zero, the service life is 5 to 15 times the traditional basket, the most important key equipment from infringement or process stability and improve the quality of the final product.

Features and Benefits
     ■ The basket is rugged and the impurities can be completely removed
     ■ Combine 2~5 layers tightly with composite technique
     ■ Resist outside powerful backwashing, be cleaned quickly
     ■ Integrative structure, can make high-quality welding
     ■ Filtration layer no metal wires moving, good filtering effect
     ■ Long service life, low usage cost

Technical Specifications
■ Filtration Fineness (µm):Wslot basket ( wedge slotted tube basket ):≥25
                                                 SC basket ( mesh lined perforated basket ):5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150...
     ■ Working temperature:<300℃ @ 2Bar
     ■ Recommended cleaning DP:0.5 – 4 bar
     ■ Material:SS304 / SS316L

■ Filtration of acid&alkali solution, solvent and corrosive liquid in chemial industry
     ■ Various polymer melt high-temperature continuous filtration
     ■ Different hydraulic oil, lubricant precision filtration
     ■ Filtration of raw water, treated water, process water and neutral liquid



High-strength stainless steel filter basket
wedge slotted basket