ACSF Series Automatic Cleaned Slurry Filters

                                                                                                                 A new generation of viscous slurry filter      


The ACSF series is a new generation of self-cleaning filter system, to continuously filter, on-line automatic removal of solid particles.
The ACSF self-cleaning filter is designed and manufactured for high-viscosity liquids, high solids slurries, and plasticizable liquids or slurries.It is distinguished from conventional mechanically cleaned filters that only remove particles from the filter element surface,but the adhesion of the fine particles in the filter channel, the gel and the embedded solid can not be removed;The ACSF filter through innovative design and precision manufacturing, can be continuously remove solid particulate in the filtration channel, thus improving the filtration efficiency and stable filtration capacity.

Working Principle

The ACSF series filters are mainly composed of filter body, filter elements and drive devices, can be added to differential pressure, automatic valves and control systems, so as to suit the needs of unattended automated production.
The driving device (electric / pneumatic motor) drives the cleaning parts to rotate, and the cleaning component removes the particle impurities in the filter channel, thereby ensuring the smooth flow of the filter channel.and the cleaning unit removes the particulate impurities from the filter channel to ensure smooth flow of the filter channel.

Features And Adventags
■ Unique filter channel cleaning method to ensure that the filter channel is completely open
     ■ filter channel finish (Ra) up to 0.4μm, cohesive particles almost can not adhere to the filter elements
     ■ The split filter elements can be thoroughly cleaned            
     ■ High open area, compact size, high throughput
     ■ Continuous self-cleaning system without interruption of the flow to filter

Technical Specifications

       ■ Filter Rate:0.5m3/h~200m3/h   ■ Filter Fineness(μm):50,60,75,100,125,150,175,200-1500
       ■ Viscosity (cp):≤400000CPS ■ DES.PRES:1.0MPa(STD),1.6MPa
       ■ Cleaning Differential Pressure:0.2bar~4bar ■ DES.TEMP:≤260℃
       ■ Filter element Material:SS304 / SS316L ■ Filter Housing Material:SUS304/SUS316L
       ■ CONT:FLG ,Tri-Clamp ■ Drain Valve:automatic or manual ballvalve
       ■ Cleaning Start Mode: DETAL P,Time,Manual ■ Discharge:automatic or manual
       ■ Electric or pneumatic actuators ■ Thermal insulation, double jacket etc

Filter Fineness And Open Area

50μm 60μm 75μm 100μm 125μm 150μm 175μm 200μm 250μm 300μm
20% 23% 27% 33% 38% 42% 46% 50% 55% 60%

  The ACSF series filters for hydrous, viscous, super-viscous and wet slurries filtration, such as: fuel, oil, tar, glue, oil, paint, resin, syrup etc.

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