ACMF Series Auto Cleaned Magnetic Filters/Separators


ACMF series of magnetic filter/separator is automatic filtering of a magnetic particle advanced and efficient separation system,On-line continuous uninterrupted filtration, magnetic particles quickly fall off and automatically discharge filter for a variety of liquids, the slurry contains a lot of iron, iron and other ferromagnetic particles of impurities in the filter and separation.
ACMF magnetic filter/separator through innovative structural design and arrangement of the layout optimization using super strong permanent magnets to capture the ferromagnetic particles of solid, non-electrical energy costs.
ACMF magnetic filter/separator has two series, G series of filtration and separation suitable for low viscous water-based liquid magnetic solid; S series magnetic filter separator is suitable for water-based liquid, high viscosity liquid and viscous slurry, the ferromagnetic particles are automatically separated in two ways:
 Automatically separate of solid particles by moving the magnet
Mechanical scraping separation mode

Features And Adventags

    ■ Magnetic capture and magnetic drive to clean the best combination of particulate impurities
    ■ Scratch parts to completely remove the adsorption or adhesion to the magnet on the ferromagnetic solid,
       gel and other impurities
    ■ Liquid tangential into the separator to form a vortex, solid particles and magnetic field many times to form
       a strong capture
    ■ Super permanent magnet, no power energy consumption, 10 years magnetic attenuation of about 1%
    ■ 24/7 continuous production, automatic separation, automatic slagging

Technical Specifications

Models ACMF200 ACMF300 ACMF400 ACMF600 ACMF700
Flow Rate [m³/h] 60-80 125-190 225-340 350-430 500-750
Inlet /Outlet DN100 DN150 DN200 DN250 DN300
Discharge DN32 DN32 DN40/DN50 DN40/DN50 DN50/DN65
Design Pressure [MPa] 1.0(标准),1.6
Design Temp [℃] 80,高温定制
Magnetic Density [Gs] 6000,12000
Filtration Capability [μm] ≥1
Housing Material SS304,SS316
Connection Type FL ( HG20592-2009,HG20615-2009)
Others Customer Specified


Apply to food, medicine, coal, mineral processing, paper making, lithium battery, rubber, ceramics, casting, textile, glass, packaging, electricity, transport and other industrial fields, water-based liquids of high viscosity liquid and wet slurry in iron, iron powder and iron magnetic material filtration separation, such as: water treatment, wastewater treatment, cutting liquid etc.

※ Grinding, honing & lapping machines ※ Manual & CNC machinery ※ Fine finishing operations
※ Wire & EDM processes ※ Laser cutting operations ※ Industrial part washing
※ Press brake lubricant ※ Transmission ※ Post drill head operations
※ Pre-filtration    ※ Pump protection ※ Saw sharpening
※ Quenching operations ※ Injection moulding cooling & heating systems