MCF Series Magnetically Coupled Filters

                                                                                          No movement shaft seal, high pressure grade custom!

MCF Series Magnetically Coupled Filters to compressed air as the driving force to drive the magnetic coupling brake disc in the filter surface to move back and forth. Used to remove aggregates, adhered to the filter surface of the solid particles, suitable for water-based, high viscosity liquid and viscous slurry filtration.
MCF series filter has no movement shaft seal, so the body pressure can be done 40bar, and the structure is simple, flexible installation method: vertical, inclined and horizontal.
MCF series filters can automatically remove impurity particles on the filter surface, continuous production in all time, and continuous filtration.

Working Principle

MCF series filters is mainly composed of filter body, element, cleaning disc and magnetic coupled brake.according to the production needs can introduce pressure, automatic sewage valve and control system.
Filtration: The liquid enters the filter body from the inlet of the filter and flows from the inside to the outside through the filter element. The solid impurities are trapped on the inner surface of the filter element. The liquid and particles passing through the filter element flow out from the filter outlet.
Cleaning: differential pressure / time indicator controller or manual start power system,compressed air to push the magnetic coupled brake drive cleaning the scraper in the filter element inner surface moves back and forth, cleaning disc scraper filter element solid particles and transferred to the discharge area , The filter channel covered by the solid particles is reopened.
Discharge:the controller opens the timing or manually opens the sewage valve,the filter will be concentrated within the sludge discharge of solid impurities.
Perform cleaning or discharge operation, the filter outlet is still supplied filtrate

Features And Adventags
■ No drive shaft dynamic seal, wide pressure range, more safe and reliable
    ■ No external drive, compact structure, flexible installation
    ■ Automatically remove particulate impurities - online, automatic discharge residue, continuous filtration
    ■ Wedge wire filter element, long-term use
    ■ regular sewage, improve the impurity content, concentration, reduce the waste of materials, the discharge of materials can be recycled

Model specifications and parameters

Models MCF200 MCF300 MCF300L MCF400
Filter area [c㎡] 4900 8325 12485 16490
Inlet / Outlet DN32-DN50 DN100-DN150 DN100-DN200 DN150-DN250
Discharge DN32-DN50 DN32-DN50 DN40-DN80 DN40-DN80
Filtering accuracy [μm] 50,75,100,150,175,200,250,300...
Design pressure [MP] 1.0,1.6...    Max 4.0
Operating temperature[℃] ≤90
Body material SS304,SS316L
Element material SS316L
Cleaning / Discharging start Differential pressure,Timing, Manual
Discharge valve Pneumatic ball valve,Electric valve
Others Customer order

Water base, viscous liquid, slurry filtration, such as: grease, starch, beverage, syrup, fermentation liquid, paint, glue, emulsion, lubricant, sewage, etc.